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moving wall. back to you. breaks news of a manhunt where a suspected burglar is on the loose in a pursuit in which an officer was hurt. police are still trying to find the suspect. >> reporter: we're keeping our voices down in most -- and most of our lights off because there's an active search right now. right now what you are looking at is about a dozen law enforcement vehicles and patrol cars. they have all just pulled into that driveway that you are looking at. one of the officers just pulled in and turned off his lights. we don't know what's going on but there seems to be activity happening, about a half a dozen police officers who have walked into the building adjacent to that driveway. they are searching for a burglary suspect that they believe was attempting to break into a pg & e substation.
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you can see it's right to the -- next to the driveway we're looking at. it's starting this morning about a call to the police about two men wondering around the grounds of that substation. when the police arrived, one of the officer chased one and during the struggle, they were both injured. we don't know how they were injured or if a weapon was fired. police are busy here. we put in calls to authorities and they say that as soon as somebody is available, they will be able to give us a call and give us more information. you are looking at the ends of this driveway -- end of this driveway. it looks like one of the officers just put one of the -- put someone in the back of the patrol car and i believe it's this car coming towards up --
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oh, there's another car off in the distance. in the last five minutes or so we saw about six or seven law enforcement vehicles pull up into this driveway. we saw some officers get out. and a short time ago we saw what appeared to be one person going in the back of a police patrol car. we're going to continue to try and get more information out here but this is all an active search related to a burglary suspect near a pg & e substation. back to you. >> thank you. the time is 5:03. disturbing information about the principal accused of selling drugs. tell us what police say they found inside of his house. >> reporter: according to the news, 10 hidden cameras were found in that principal elementary school, inside his bound and that's bound to raise
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eyebrows of the parents here and officials here. this 42-year-old appeared in court yesterday where they was arraigned on five felony drugs charges. investigators say he was arrested after he offered an undercover cop meth and a date rape drug. more was found in his apartment. they found 10 hidden cameras, including one inside a teddy bear at his apartment. the report says cameras were hidden in a cigarette lighter, a coat ranger -- hangar and a watch. >> the investigation is still ongoing with regard to anything outside of what's been alleged in court so far. >> >> reporter: the bail was set at $25,000 but his funds are being checked to make sure drug money isn't being used. the da office says none of the
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charges he's facing are related to the elementary school but it's unknown if louis ever brought any of those hidden cameras in the apartment to the school. reporting live, ktvu news. today is oakland mayor's deadline to appear at a deposition on police reform or she could face contell of court challenge -- contempt of court challenges. this was after the mayor canceled an appearance at a 10 august 30 saying she had to pea at a city council meeting. she says she will be at today's deposition. overnight police arrested at least one person in a protest over a officer shooting in high word. -- heyward. it happened last night. they made an arrest for public
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drunkenness. police shot and killed a suspect in a shooting yesterday morning after the suspect pried to run them over. san francisco police are reaching out after an officer shooting sparked people's thoughts. >> it's sad we have to meet under these circumstances but i think it's important to know that we're here for you. >> nobody has been arrested for vandalizing the people. police say the people responsible left too quickly. the business owners say police aren't doing enough. new this morning. iran test fired four missile.
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iran says those miss sill sank a big target the size of a war ship in about 50 seconds. all of this is as tensions rise over nuclear issues and a possible attack by iran on israel. in just a couple of hours, president obama will address the united nations and iran will be a major focus. coming up for you at 5:15, what the president is expected to say. congresswoman man bash ra -- bash ra lee -- barbara lee will host a gathering to tow laws -- introduce laws that would make voters show id to vote.
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the event will be held at 11:00 a.m. in oakland. a bill signed by the governor will allow salve salves to register to vote on election day. -- californias to register to vote on election day. the time is 5:08. how is the east shore doing? >> doing well, dave and pam. we up to a decent start and hoping it will stay quiet. we can hope anyway. westbound 80 traffic moving well. the morning travels looks good at the toll plaza and we usually get a crowd at 6:15. so if you want to upp ahead of that -- jump ahead of that, get on over here soon.
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northbound 280 traffic looks good. eighty-five, that has some crowding, but not so bad yet. back to steve. >> thank you. cooler yesterday. probably the coolest day of the week. the coast and bay will have to wait until thursday to warm up. morning fog and sun. might take a little while. any fog over the bay will burn off soon. cool morning mainly, patchy fog, about 80 degrees to up to 90 degrees. the high pressure will build in, but it's not too big. napa airport, 48. oakland is at 50 degrees. san jose, 53. antioch 53. not much of a sea breeze, less than 10 miles per hour. yesterday it was up to 21, so
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it's been t cut in -- cut in half. a low spinning out here won't do too much. slightly warmer away from the coast today. still morning fog there. don't hatch that northeast wind yet. there's signs of by the weekend it might kick in though those along the beaches. so near 90 degrees here, and warmer inland starting thursday and maybe signs of a warm stretch into the weekend, and might include the coast. close call by u.s. airports, not in the air but on the ground. what the faa is saying about the number of scares on the runway. plus, it's a touchdown, it's an interception it's a touch-ception. was that the all-time worse call by nfl referees? well show you what happened last night on monday night football.
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>> traffic moving well on major roadways and we'll tell you more about the morning cho mute -- ca mute -- commute.
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welcome back. this morning seattle see mocks fans are sell -- seahawks are set brighting and the -- celebrating and the packers are furious. >> into the end zone, the final
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play, and it's... touchdown. >> you call it. russell wilson of the seahawks through that 24-yard line pass with five seconds left in the game. but who caught it? one replacement reference refer see says the seahawks got it and called it a touchdown while the others said the packers had an interception. this is just the latest controversy. that play was ruled a touchdown after a very long review. a wisconsin state senator is letting his feelings be known about the seahawks win over the packers. wisconsin state senator tweeted out the officer phone number of nfl commissioner roger gadel after the game. in a separate tweet, he said last night's game isn't the end
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and this whole season will be a joke. san francisco soup viers services -- supervisors will call a sparybl hearing against the sheriff. examiners wants supervisors to consider perjury. they say he lied under oath twice. mayor lee denies the allegations. d the da office didn't pursuit matter. president obama is expected to press back against republican criticism of his foreign policy during his speech before the un today. >> reporter: ppt has -- president obama has seen his rating declines, so this morning he tries to step up his game. this will be his fourth speech
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and this comes just six weeks before the election. the president will use the forum to condemn the film that sparked rage and calls on leaders to take a front to protect security overseas. he'll step up pressure on iran and says the u.s. will do what it must to prevent them from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> unfortunately foreign policy becomes not so much an issue of wisdom but as it is an issue of demonstrating toughness so i think you will see a lot of that from the president. >> the president will tell iran time is not unlimited. we'll take a look at how campaign politics could overshadow the president's speech. romney is accusing president obama of minimizing the death of the u.s. ma'am bass der -- ambassador as a bump in the road.
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the criminal cyst comes after the -- credit kim comes -- criticism comes when the president obama, on 60 minutes, made a comment. the file is 5:16. the faa is says close calls are still a problem on the run case. since 2008 there have been about three incidents every day where a plane or vehicle ends up on the run way by mistake. that's about 1,000 incidents a year. the faa says about a dozen of those incidents are serious enough to lead to an investigation every year. a san jose man accused of poisoning his girlfriend will face a judge today. he brought water containing chlorine to his girlfriend who was at a care facility. he wanted to gain control of
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her finances was the reason. the san francisco landscaping crew found something big and unexpected. they were digging under the sidewalk when they hit something. the bricks, the concrete, the steel reinforcing bars, and it turned out to be the old city hall that collapsed during the 1906 earthquake. the surgery -- current city hall was that built less than a half mile away was finished two years after the last one went down. >> traffic? >> hello. we're doing well around the bay area. i would say, if you want to get out there and drive any time soon, grab a cup of coffee or your energy drink, or whatever you drink in the morning and get on the highway, highway 4,
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moving along well. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along well getting into san francisco. no major problems getting into the city. if you driving on 80 westbound, the traffic is also looking good. hello, steve. >> hello. >> i forgot to add, delivered by a bicycle. >> good morning. warm inland. temperatures will stay here for another day. so about 60 or 70 degrees by the coast. santa cruz has been pressed to break through to 70. less fog today. the fog will burn off around the bay. 88 degrees to 9 degrees -- 90 degrees.
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the system from yesterday has moved off and out of the picture. it looks like a quiet pattern for a couple of days. napa, 48. antioch 53, same with san jose and read wood city. not much of a del sta breeze -- delta breeze. upper 80 for the jot layers -- out-layers. once this system moves out, high pressure will move in, and so the fog will move out. it was 82 in santa rosa. read wood city, 79. fairfield, 87, antioch 90 degrees, so little change on
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wednesday. the weekend looks warm to hot. if everything comes in as planned, everything should have warm items. investors are waiting for a report between a meeting of officials. overnight markets in asia and the pacific closed with mixed results. there was a quarter% gain -- quart refer percent gained with the ca modty -- ca modties. the opening bell will be in about an hour. apple had a loss of 1% because of disappointment of the i phone. they sold 5 million in the first week but they expected at least 8 million. >> the time is 5:21.
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president obama's campaign soaring to new heights, the unique high flying stunt of this all caught on camera. fighting to bring home the body of a young bay area man, the new development after a deadly radiotual -- ritual in peru.
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. the father of an 18-year-
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old man to died in peru has raised money now bring his body home. he raised more than $8,000 through a website. he's hoping a new autopsy will explain how he died. his son died after drinking after drinking a tea after drinking it, but he believes his son was possibly murdered. some of the smallest apartments in the country would be just 220 square feet. today they will consider changing the building code to allow the units. the idea is to provide more affordable housing for single people. critics say it will boost the city's resources. >> we need to do a capped amount so we can analyze it and understand it and see the
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impact first hand. >> the small little apartments could cost between 12 and 1400 a month. the next stop for president obama, outer space. a group group of obama supporters staffed a bobble head of him to a balloon and let it fly. there is a camera equipped there and the president's twip 2,100,000 feet above the -- 2,100,000 feet. let's see what's happening on the road. >> has there ever been a bobble
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head of you? >> no. good reason. >> good morning. let's go out and look at the co-mute now -- co-mute now. everything is looking good but by 6:00 we do get accidents. eighty is looking good. what's today's weather? here is steve. >> we have fog on the coast but it looks better than yesterday. temperatures will come up a few degrees. new information about the trader joe's peanut butter recall and why the company has decided it's pulling more flavors off the shelves. four people sent to the hospital after this house catches fire. we'll tell you how a police officer was hurt. breaking news. a second suspect in a police
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pursuit just captured. we have the new video straight ahead.
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welcome back. it's tuesday, september 25. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with this. how is the weather? >> looks good. >> a little fog. >> a little fog. yesterday we had the cool-down.
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it will come up today a bit. there's not going to be much of a change by the coast. maybe a couple of degrees warmer, about 80 degrees. >> highway 4 is more crowded in antioch. bay point, it evens out. if you are driving in the south bay, so far so good getting into the valley. back to behavior and pam. we have breaking news. a police search has just ended. police have arrested a suspected burglar who tried to escape from police in na sad toe -- novato and one officer was hurt. tell us about what happened. >> reporter: we watched it happen about 30 minutes ago and we brought some of it live to you in the last report. the deputies and police arrested that second suspect that they were looking for, a burglar suspect that they had been looking for since 2:45 this morning. he was hiding underneath a truck parked in a business park near
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this road here. that man and another guy, police believe those two broke into a pg & e substation early this morning. they say they broke into the yard, got inside and we don't know if they were able to take anything. an alarm system notified the police and they began a search. one police officer spotted and chased one of the suspects, struggled to arrest him and in that struggle the officer and the suspect were injured. we don't know how or if a weapon was fired. we don't know the condition of the suspect at this point but i checked with the police and they say the officer who was injured is going to be just fine. they said he was not seriously injured. again, the police successfully found and arrested a second burglary suspect next to a substation about 30 minutes
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ago. back to you. the investigation continues into an overnight fire in san francisco. four people, including a police officer were sent to the office. alex is at the scene now to tell us more >> reporter: that south an fan police officer among the first on scene and actually helped to get the folks who lived in this house out safely as flames tore through. this morning you can see the house is boarded up. the police officer and throw other people who live in the house had to be hospitalized. the fire broke out about 11:30 last night in one unit in south san francisco. the first firefighters who got here found large flames coming from the back of the house. some of that smoke drifted into the neighboring unit as well. crews were called in from different places to help get this under control and the deputy chief we talked with this morning said firefighters were able to knock the flames down.
5:33 am
>> they did a great job of confirming the residents were out and getting rescue units and ambulances on scene. there was a law enforcement officer that was exposed to smoke that was also transported >> reporter: everybody who was displaced from the house, a total of seven people, everybody was put up by the red cross this morning. a total of four people taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, including the police officer, but firefighters tell me everybody this morning is in stable condition and the deputy chief we talked with tell us right now the cause of this fire is still unclear. live this morning, channel 2 news. back to you. a memorial is set up in antioch this morning to a man who was shot and killed right in front of his own home. people gathered last night for a candlelight vigil to remember wagner. he was shot to death outside
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his home monday night. police are still looking for a suspect. time is 5:54. we may find out today if the u.s. supreme court will take up the controversial issue of same-sex marriage, and proposition eight. votersvote the defensive marriage act detyping marriage between one man and one woman in the eyes of the federal government. if the justices too do take up the issue,erel originalments won't begin until next we're with a decision expected by june of next year. here at home, chevron revealed more details about a pipe failure of the cause of a fire last month in richmond. about 200 people were at this meeting last night. the general manager said the pipe that failed had a low silicon content which could lead to a faster corrosion rate. he says the pipe was inspected last november but not the 5-
5:35 am
foot section that failed. in the meantime, the general manager called for reports that it used a pipe to bypass air monitors, that's not correct. >> the pipe at issue is an equal saying line and was part of a system to be put in for the 2003 bay air quality tear management regulations. >> epa's criminal investigation is still going on. they will conduct an on-site audit next week. new details about the peanut butter recall. we have learned two people here in california have become sick with the outbreak. over the weekend the fda linked 25 cases to dreamy peanut butter sold at trader joe's. the manufacturer of the peanut
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butter announced it recalling other peanut butters and almond butter. the board of supervisors meeting will be packed. supervisors are expected to vote on a budget that includes money for the planned jail. supporters say the jail will deal with the growing prison population, but another group isians it. its members say resources should be used on alternative programs. pink slips will be going out to prison guards with the california department of corrections. state prisons are scaling back now that the state inmate population is being shifted with the realignment program. no word on how many will lose their jobs. there is a new study claiming that senior citizens in seven of the 10 most popular medicare prescription drug
5:37 am
plans will be hit with double digit premium hikes if they don't shop around. researchers claim it's possible for them to avoid the high price hikes by looking for a low premium plan. open enrollment for medicare begins october 15. local military basis could possibly lose millions of dollars. all of this as lawmakers in washington, d.c. consider cutting defense spending over the next 10 years. coming up, what that could be for travis air force base and their daily operations. lieu for robot cars on the road. a bill allows the cars to be tested on our state roads. it outlines rooms and -- rooms and standards for the cars. it will be the second state to
5:38 am
allow these cars. let's here about the roads and the bridgings. >> things are doing well. we haven't had any major problems. things are getting busy though. highway 4, it is going to be a little bit busy here. so far, no unusual things. we are looking good here. let's move along and look at the commute at 880 north so southbound -- and southbound, it looks well. we have been looking at the  santa clair valley and it's doing well. a new crash reported in ma rein -- marin county. police and the fire department are on the way. we'll know more later about it.
5:39 am
thank you. back to you. >> some fog out there. it's moving up and down the coast where it's been in a tall order to get the sun and warm temperatures, and that includes santa cruz. but all signs say a warm weekend. in fact, warm to hot inland, and maybe sunshine with the coast with around 80 degrees. we haven't had the northeast wind yet but there's hints of that developing because of this little low here. today it's kind of a push here. oakland airport, 50 degrees. yesterday at this time it was 21 miles per hour here at travis. but the trend will be turned around. around 80 day, but temperatures will be held in check. it looks like the low will sit
5:40 am
out here. it's just rotating around and not doing much, so slightly warmer, morning fog, a little westerly breeze. temperatures, some in the lower 80 degrees. eighty-two, santa rosa. napa, 83. livermore, 87. seventy-two, downtown oakland. seventy-nine santo say. santa cruz, 70, but that's one of the few on the coast. read wood -- red wood city, 76. it's looks warmer thursday. and the weekend will be sunny and warmer for all. an update on the new football stadium and what the 49ers are saying about their future new home. a survivor of that deadly avalanche in knee pal -- na
5:41 am
pal -- napal is speaking out. >> the traffic looks good. but we'll tell you more coming up.
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good morning. some fog on the coast and a little bit around the bay. the 60 is about 60 degrees. it will come up a couple of degrees. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we're following. police in novato arrested two burglary suspects and one officer was injured in the arrest. the suspect allegedly broke into a substation. one officer saw them and chased a suspect. both were injured during the struggle. another officer eventually captured a second suspect who
5:44 am
was hiding under a truck. police have arrested at least one person after a protest over a deadly officer involved shooting in heyward. it happened last night near the dirty bird lounge. police sot and killed the suspect in a shooting after they say he tried to run them over. four people, including a police officer was sent to a hospital daughters a fire. all of them suffered smoke inhalation. the fire was reported last night in a duplex. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a top american skier and former bay area resident survived an avalanche. plake talked about the event. he said the of a lunch -- have lynch hit while they were sleeping. it took them down the how thin while they were still in their
5:45 am
sleeping bags. nine climbers died. a wildfire has turned deadly. it started monday and the body of an 82-year-old man has been found in a home. neighbors say the man told him he refused to evacuate. the fire destroyed at least 20 homes and damaged the 10 others. another 25 homes are still threatened and ievacsation -- evacuation orders remain in place. north korea has stopped construction on a new rocket launch bad according to associated press which obtains a new satellite image. heavy rain may possibly be the blame for that construction delay. despite the set-back, they are renovating another launch pad. north korea has been accused of using rocket launches as a cover to test missile systems that could possibly tar kit the u.s. two u.s. marines accused of going to bathroom on fighters
5:46 am
in afghan stall will beehive afghan stall will be court martialed. here is a picture. the two marines were charged with other forms of misconduct. three other marines were given administrative punish negligence last month -- punishments last night. >> according to a new report released by the center for security policy, officials say the cuts here would have major impacts on travis air force base. according to the study, san diego county could lose the most. lawmakers are considering an 18% cut to defense spending over the next 10 years. a second suspect has been charged in connection with a fatal shooting near oakland's jack london square. two men were killed and five other hurt in a shooting last
5:47 am
april. 23-year-old fox was reportedly arrested last week in oakland and is due back in court october 22 to enter a plea. time is 5:47. seattle trying to attract more major league teams. the city council approved a deal to build a basketball and hock yes -- hockey arena. construction of an almost half billion project won't begin until the team agrees to move to seattle. it's been talked the sacramento kings may move there. santa clara stadium is about 15% complete. workers are building the framework piece by piece. eventually 18,000 tons of steal will be supporting -- tons of steel will be supporting the stadium. the the 49ers say it is on
5:48 am
track for the 2014 season. >> how is the travels? >> we are doing well. we have a new crash reported in marin county in southbound 101. but let's talk about the travels on the east bay because it's pretty busy on 880, north and southbound. this is the time when things begin waking up and we have seen a little bit of waking up here. the traffic is moving along relatively well here but it's getting more crowded by the minute. also the morning travels are looking good here at the toll plaza but more cars showing up and we will see more people driving through here any time soon. 6:15 is when it gets crowded. we talked about the crash reported on southbound 101, but so far no about traffic jamb.
5:49 am
things are off to the side. let's go to steve. >> thank you. got a cool-down yesterday. we will start a warm-up today. it will be more pronounced towards the end of the week. morning fog and some sun, but about 65 degrees. you are getting late in the year for fog but it's still there. cool mornings, patchy fog, and about 85 degrees, and a little system here, a high pressure will build in, and the main low which gave more of a taste of fall to the sierra nevada has moved out. nobody land airport, right at 50. inland temperatures will warm up because the breeze is down. sixties by the bay.
5:50 am
inland will be 80. high pressure will come in a bit. there's a low out here. if it stays there, the high will give us a northeast bries and clear that fog out of here, probably not until thursday. morning fog, a westerly breeze, more than a wind, but we will have about 85 degrees. sixties around the bay. seventy-three, berkeley. pittsburgh, 87 degrees. santa clair, about 80. seventies for the inner areas. thursday looks warmer inland and warmer for everybody. even the coast. >> thank you. today a china knees factory --
5:51 am
chain niece -- 40 people were hurt in a chinese factory where police had to be called in after a security guard hit a worker. the company was criticized for working conditions and long work hours. sales of the tab let began with a starting price of $250. there is competition between google and sony. halloween could set a record this year. ny say 170 million people will do something to celebrate. that's 71% of u.s. population and the highest number ever. the average person will spend slightly less on 80 decrease on
5:52 am
candy and costumes. she won gold at the london olympics but she should get another medal for doing something else. the u.s. volleyball star revealing a secret only her family knew about when she was winning the gold. airline flight chaos, how passengers were left up in the air and out of luck.
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good morning. fog on the coast. temperatures none a couple of degrees after yesterday. american airlines canceling more flights meaning more delays for passengers. more than 100 american airline flights were canceled yesterday according to a website. that amounts to almost 600 flights. they are fighting over a contract. the lair lines blames maintenance complaints and more pilot sick calls for the problems, they say. >> a. a new water taxi will take
5:56 am
place soon. a 1-way ticket will be about $95 depending on the trip. a man is facing multiple charges after reportedly punching a police officer in the face. police say they responded to calls of domestic violence on sunday afternoon and found a man arguing with a woman through the door of a home and was trying to get inside when an officer made contact with the man. he punched the officer and gave him a bloody nose. jennings has another reason to generate. she revealed that she and her husband are expecting their third child. she was five weeks pregnant during her summer run for the gold. she didn't know. she says she thought something was off but she attributed it to stress and travel. her partner was the first to suspect the truth. let's check in with sal. >> good morning. traffic is doing well. coming up this next hour we will
5:57 am
check with the south bay and just look at it to see how it's doing. right now it's still a nice drive. yesterday we had a tough one on 6080 but today it's better. back to you. disturbing new information from the bay area principal accused of selling drugs. a new report involves hidden cameras and a teddy bear. a story we've been talling since this morning, a police officer injured in a foot chase. we have new video of an arrest. >> yesterday we had a cool- down. will that continue? we'll have the answer coming right up.
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good morning. news, a police officer was injured chasing after a suspect. investigators make a disturbing discovery of a principal's home >> reporter: live where a vigil for a man shot and killed

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